HOMEPOLISH MAGAZINE: How to Pick Houseplants Like a Design

By: Allison Pavlick, Homepolish

Ready to blossom into a plant person? Read on as Homepolish designers weigh in on their houseplants of choice, caring tips, and the greenery trends they’re ready to bury.

Plants are having a moment. And it’s no surprise: they are a simple way to breathe new life into your home. But when it comes to picking houseplants, the seemingly endless options available are both a blessing and a curse. Not only are you confronted with some wild-sounding names—think monstera, the ZZ plant, and banana palm—but you’ve also got to factor in if you can keep them alive or if their moment in the sun is dead.

To help us navigate the sometimes thorny world of houseplants, we asked Homepolish designers to reveal their tips—from their favorite varieties to the unexpected places you should be styling them.

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Mandy Cheng