MYDOMAINE: 8 Trends Interior Designers are Ditching Come February

By: Megan Beauchamp

Here’s what to try instead.

Despite the fact that there isn't a seasonal shift in the air, the staleness of certain décor trends is palpable. Blame it on the perpetually gray skies, the less-than-ideal chilly temps, and numerous other abysmal winter weather conditions, but we're dreaming of a change of scenery. Simply put, we're not waiting until the first day of spring to embrace fresh color trends, adopt new textures, and transform our spaces.

In search of inspired trends to try right now, we asked eight interior designers to weigh in with their expert-approved recommendations for February. From saturated and moody colors to statement light fixtures, these are the trends the pros are embracing next month (and the ones they're leaving behind). If you're curious to know which trends to try (and which to skip) this winter…

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Mandy Cheng