MYDOMAINE: 14 of the Prettiest Rooms We've Seen This Year (So Far)

By: Christie Calluchia

At MyDomaine headquarters, we have the privilege of seeing the interiors of some of the most beautiful spaces from all over the country. From new, modern homes on the west coast to industrial lofts filled with history on the east coast, we see it all. However, no matter how many stunning properties come across our desks, each one has its own way of making our jaws drop.

In the spirit of sharing some of our favorite interior spaces, we've rounded up 14 of the prettiest rooms we've seen so far this year. Keep scrolling to enjoy stunning living rooms, gorgeous kitchens, lavish bedrooms, remarkable dining rooms, and heavenly bathrooms from all types of homes and apartments. You'll be hard-pressed to pick just one favorite.

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Mandy Cheng